call yourself a software tester?

I have just been prompted (via some AdWords) to write a quick blog post around the subject of defect prevention. Not detection, prevention.

For a long time the software testing community has been taught that unless a defect is being managed in a defect management tool, then whatever testing process you are following is probably not fit for purpose. That is, you cant be doing serious software testing, because you are not being serious about your bugs. But it that true?…

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Adafruit I2C RGB 16×2 LCD+Keypad & Raspberry PI

I recently bought one of these

Adafruit RGB Negative 16×2 LCD+Keypad Kit for Raspberry Pi from an Adafruit reseller in the UK (via eBay), for two reasons. 1 to use in my OBDII project, and 2 to learn how they did it (serial to parallel and some 4 bit mangle).

You see the device uses an MCP23017 16bit I2C port extender, and most 16×2 LCD displays require a 4-bit bus (4 data lines) , and an RS, RW and E lines, so i was interested to see how Adafruit were implementing the lcd display protocol over the i2c bus….

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