Google Play update Error 923 & 927 when updating and downloading – fixed!

I’ve owned an android device, for a fairly short period of time, but recently i found i couldn’t update and apps, or install any new ones, i kept getting obscure messages and seemingly random error codes like 923, 927 and 495, luckily i found a fix…

This had me stumped, a search of the internet, turned up lots of people complaining about the same issue, all over the world.

Many forums contained posts from people who deleted the Google Play store cache and data from within the settings applet, but this didn’t work for me (in fact it just broke the Play store further).
Some posts even suggested flashing new firmware!!

It was only when i read a post from a guy, who said he could update using 3G, but he couldn’t using WiFi, that information gave me an idea..

I started to think that Google probably use their CDN to deliver apps, and that they probably leverage some anycast magic to get the end users traffic on to the nearest Google pop.

With that in mind, i changed the DNS setting in my router, from the ISP supplied on to Googles own Open DNS servers.

I set the primary address to and the secondary to, then from within my android device, i turned off WiFi, then turned it back on again, forcing it to drop the current DHCP lease, and (i hoped) any associated DNS caching it may have done.

Sure enough, when i re-opened the Google Play app, it started updating instantly!

Aside: By deleting all of the apps data, the Google Play store now thinks i have two identical devices, and unfortunately doesn’t know what i have installed on the device.

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