Integrating Fitnesse with CruiseControl

So like i said in earlier posts we are implementing FitNesse on our java development projects (well to be precise just one) with help from ThoughtWorks so we can run automated acceptance tests.

We are still at the bashing the stick on the ground and making a lot of noise stage (so far as my Space odyssey metaphor goes), and we are not yet 100% convinced of the value of FitNesse within our organisation. The way it has been set-up so far, makes it unmaintainable, hard to navigate and it feels a bit flaky. Sure FitNesse is great where the requirements are a little thin on the ground, but i think there is an absolute requirement for process and procedure when it comes to building a suite of tests in FitNesse if it is ever going to have longevity. That is not slur on FitNesse, but i have yet to see any one describe how they build a suite that has some structure.

So today we are trying to get FitNesse and CruiseControl working together.
The dev team have used CruiseControl in the past, but it doesnt work properly (some issue with forking) and depending on how we look at cobertura we either have 27% coverage or 35% coverage of Unit test so there is some way for them to go. I hope can integrate the FitNesse Tests with the current build process and gain an extra layer of testing.

One thing as a tester i dislike about FitNesse is that lacks a lot (does it have any) of the reporting features you see on other test tools. So i will spend this afternoon looking at some free (as in beer) reporting tools. I also cant see how you do test selection, or report on test coverage….

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