going round the Twist

I haven’t posted for a while, and that’s because we have been up to our ears in Twist.

Twist is a tool made by ThoughtWorks that take a lot of the good ideas from FitNesse and bolts them on top of eclipse.

I cant be too harsh on Twist because it is still in beta, however we have had a lot of pain to deal with.

For one thing, ThoughtWorks appear to have thrown the baby out with the bath water as the supplied selenium appears to be altogether different.

So this is where we are.

We have Twist installed on all the testers machines, and we have installed subclipse into Twist. This takes care of the version control issues we had with fitnesse.

One issue we did run into was getting the Twist project to play nice within the main project Trunk (more on this later).

The guys are writing the prose like business speak heavy tests quickly (the Twist Scenarios) however the instrumentation of those tests has become a little bottle neck, and some dev guys have come on board to help us with that.

What was interesting was seeing the dev guys pulling their hair out over Twist too.

I will post a fuller write up soon that explains how we run the twist tests (they are running as part of the CI build) and how we get reports from those tests.


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