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So, if you have followed this blog you will know that we we first started on our journey of discovery with FitNesse by trying anubhavas generic fixture but while this idea seems great it has its shortcomings. Now Anubhava did a pretty good job of telling people about his fixture (which is how i found it) he was also very approachable and gave help when i got stuck. So i was surprised to see that Keith Sterling has reinvented the wheel with FitNium.

Keith says he created FitNium as part of a learning exercise and also through the frustrations he is having with the Webtest Fixture.

While i can fully understand Keiths frustrations with the Webtest fixture (and this is not to say the webtest fixture isn’t useful, it truly is), this is the very reason we are making the leap to Twist.

Helpfully FitNium is released under Ver 2.0 of the Apache License.

3 thoughts on “Fitnesse – Another DSL

  1. Pleasantly surprised I hope, but yes the main reason Fitnium came about was a desire to learn ever single API for a training course I was developing, so you start writing some java and suddenly you find you have a nice library that works with Fitnesse, and next thing you know you have a library of all the APIs I can quickly test and demonstrate through fitnesse, so what the hell release it to the world

    I was a bit disappointed to find Anubhava AFTER i have writtne Fitnium might have saved me some time,

  2. Hi Keith,

    i take my hat off to you, because that’s one hell of a desire!

    We learnt the selenium API by pulling our hair our and screaming at webtest.

    If it makes you feel better, more people haven mentioned Fitnium since its release than Anubhavas generic DSL.


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