FitNesse and User Authentication

So i have a need to secure our FitNesse instance. FitNesse has built in security, and i have begun to look at that more closely, I’m really only posting this here to serve as an aide mémoire. I will update the post as i progress with the topic.

As described on

To start FitNesse with security enabled and get the username and password form a
text file called password.txt

To create a file called password.txt and add a user into the file.

java -cp fitnesse.jar fitnesse.authentication.Password -f password.txt $FITNESSE_USERNAME

It is usual to use your login id as $FITNESSE_USERNAME.
This would allow you to map the environment variables $LOGNAME or $USER on UNIX or
%USERNAME% under Windows to the FitNesse username.

For stopping fitnesse from command-line when authentication has been enabled:

java -cp fitnesse.jar fitnesse.Shutdown [...more-options] -c $FITNESSE_USERNAME $PASSWORD

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