Creating FitNesse tests

Okay, so we are still having problems with CruiseControl (it falls over after n builds) but meanwhile i need to start creating tests in Fitnesse.

The ThoughtWorks consultant has already started, but i just reviewed the work and i’m less than impressed.

I want each page to contain some prose that describes what’s being tested and why.

The structure of a requirement should follow a basic syntax. We should have a basic description of what is needed from a business perspective:

As a [role] I want [requirement] so that [business value].

And the tests should line up by defining an Acceptance criteria, basically we define what “done” looks like:

Given [context] when [action] then [outcome]

The Acceptance criteria should be written jointly by BA and QA, and the acceptance tests map directly to acceptance criteria.

So on each page (a test) i want a preamble (the story), the requirement and the acceptance criteria.

The Fit table (the actual test) can then sit directly under the prose for the acceptance criteria.

That way, each page (each test) is the requirement, the test and the test results.

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